There is a place that exists only when I sleep. The lure of many inner worlds and dimensions resides in that place. I am and always have been in a constant state of longing for this illusory realm. There are moments when that place from dreams and nightmares shine through my waking life and it’s in these moments that the layers and pieces become reality. Color, geometry, confusion and the human form collide and shift. These shards fit together in my waking state for brief but tangible moments. The more I long for these moments, the more I question the dream pieces and ask myself what is driving me towards them: fear. Undeniable fear. Fear of what I cannot comprehend, what my mind struggles to understand…and somewhere deep inside my heart has come to terms with it. The fear bubbles up in my subconscious and unleashes itself upon my dreams. My dreams forcibly present themselves as inspiration, an endless orbit of understanding in which I have centered my purpose. A cycle I now embrace and give myself willingly.