My name is Kealy Racca, and I am an artist. I am a graduate of Texas State University with bachelor degrees in painting and photography.

I am a painter, illustrator, photographer, sculptor, watercolorist, dancer and overall creative thinker. I prefer not to limit myself to one medium. Each art form I explore supports the next, and for me all art is connected. It is my objective to combine all forms in an effective way. I feel as though I am living my life as a constant artistic experiment and I'm simply following my creative urges to wherever they lead me.

I am passionate about modern dance, surrrealistic photography, the human body, comic books, making things with my hands, traveling, David Bowie, pop culture, dreams and nightmares.

If you are interested in commissions please feel free to email me at kealyracca@gmail.com and then head over to facebook to like facebook.com/RaccanArt for news and updates.